Guide to naturist beaches in the Marche – 2022

Map of the main naturist beaches in the Marche, currently, none are officially recognized

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An essential stop for those who want to explore the flourishing green-blue setting of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park. After having covered the descent that starts from the village, go down to the beach and continue to the extreme north reaching the area that culminates in a rocky wall. Naturism is tolerated by the visitors without repercussions on this sandy beach suitable for all. The water remains shallow and safe out to sea with an occasional coming and going of exploration boats which could make it murky, especially in the high season. Tips for a visit to Fiorenzuola: grab a libidinous takeaway piadina at the “Piadinzuola” kiosk and explore the village that seems to have never been scratched by the passage of time.

Admire the colorful wooden huts and improvised swings that decorate the beach as you slalom.


A stone’s throw from the “Le Piramidi” residential complex, the Cesano Oasis takes its name from the river of the same name which flows into a large beach of small stones where the nude was accepted only after years of protests and local resistance. Parking has never been easier, under the ‘Pyramids’ there are numerous parking spaces overlooking the beach, follow the lane between the charming ruined houses adorned with graffiti and sea lilies and you will soon be there. Environment not always very clean with turbid sea at times oily (perhaps due to the river or the boats). Attendance, unfortunately, is not always pleasant with the occasional presence of annoying voyeurs and strollers in the “reed bed area” in front of the beach in search of strong emotions.

The “Pyramids” watch over the Oasis in all their brutalist charm


Lido with a new age climate always appreciated by Ancona residents for its wild charm, a little less appreciated however is the vertiginous knee-sinking descent that leads to the beach. After having meticulously parked the car in the square for the campers (free but it starts to fill up already in the early hours of the morning) or in the paid field (prices not updated: €3 in low season – €5 in high season) go down the to the beach and walk in the direction of the “Trave” until you notice a quiet area where you can undress. Also in this case, naturism is accepted by the alternative frequentation but, especially in high season, the passage of mumbling families and giggling teenagers could dissuade some in practice.

Warning: do not venture too far into the end at Trave height as the cliff is always at constant risk of landslide, undermining the safety of the unsuspecting swimmers below.

The mud ritual is highly recommended: the recipe for buttocks as smooth as silk.

The paradise for Ancona’s hippie wannabes, the wild half-moon beach will amaze you!


Hands down the most beautiful beach to enjoy the sun in the Marche region, with a single weak point: limited parking and related costs. After reaching one of the many parking lots in Portonovo (AN) there are mainly two areas where you can practice naturism, both located after passing the Capannina establishment in the direction of Sirolo:

Vela Beach: rocky corridor that leads from the Church of Portonovo to the Scoglio della Vela complete with small wooden huts to shelter from the sun. Suitable for those who don’t want to tire themselves with the path that leads to the main beach. It is safe to practice naturism protected by the privacy of one’s own hut or hidden by the rocks even if it could attract the gaze of curious passers-by.

Sassi Bianchi beach: reachable after crossing the rocks that block the passage at the end of the road with the help of a climbing rope. This stretch can result in a “filter” for many given the dizzying climb overhanging the sea but cautiously holding on to the bolt becomes child’s play! The brave will be rewarded with a small oasis with a turquoise sea and rich spontaneous vegetation. Being duly covered by the rocky booth that serves as a useful bulwark against the curious, the beach is perfect for novices of the buff. Given the total absence of services, bring plenty of water and sunscreen as it is easy to get cooked under the scorching sun. Due to its size, places tend to be few on the main beach especially in high season, for those wishing to enjoy even more privacy they can take advantage of the numerous coves up to Gabbiani beach, the latter not exactly suitable for practicing naturism given the large flow of tourists in kayaks. Bad apples such as serial onanists and exhibitionists are, in most cases, moderated and distanced from veteran visitors.

Tip: if crossing the rocky climb scares you, you can always rent a kayak either at the Torre or at the Capannina rental services. However, watch out for the wind, the more inexperienced could be victims of the waves, forced to be rescued by the coast guard.

Warning: both beaches go beyond a path that is not directly supervised by the Conero Park as it is at risk of landslides, a phenomenon that can often take careless bathers lightly. Pay the utmost attention and, if you can, choose places as close to the sea.

Set off to explore blue-green oases, wild goats and endless blinding white paths


Protected by the stacks of the Due Sorelle on the border with the beach of San Michele di Sirolo, there is a wonderful beach with crystal clear water surrounded by suggestive candy-colored “step” cliffs. Park your car at the Sirolo cemetery (€8 for a day) and enter, on foot, the pine forest bordered by a gate near the shuttle stop; from there walk for about 20 minutes following the path on your right up to the beach (forget to consider the shuttle as, being always filled at it’s max capacity, it foments violence and rudeness between the natives and tourists). Appreciate every minute of your immersion in the greenery, savoring with your eyes the beauties that the Conero Natural Park can offer. Although the atmosphere is inviting to abandon the bathing suit, for 30 years those who dare to undress suffer heavy fines, an ordinance morbidly wanted by the former mayor of Sirolo with real punitive expeditions by the forces of order. Warning: just like the Vela beach, the Sassi Neri do not offer any kind of service and, in high season, teems with the most disparate, chaotic, screaming and rude fauna with or without a swimsuit, a special mention for the latter which they fail to create ambiguous scenes that have little to do with naturism. Despite this, a visit is a must, to rediscover a small corner of wild paradise (especially if accompanied by a mussels spaghetti at Silvio’s).

The stony cliffs in all its glory. When nature inadvertently offers wonderful architectural works


This list is based personally by my very own experience, online you can find listed some other beaches that probably will lead you to ambiguous environments or fees by the public authorities.

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